Food Packaging Bag

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Why Food Paper Bags?

Food packaging bags are manufactured from the food grade paper which can be used to pack any food item such as samosas, sandwiches directly. The size and design of these paper bags can be changed based on the order quantity. 

Types of Food Paper Bags

1. Butter Paper - We manufacture butter paper from 42GSM Opaque OGL paper roll. Butter paper pouches or Butter Paper Sheet is used to pack and wrap rolls, burger, bread, etc.

2. Kraft Paper Bags - The food grade kraft paper bag is manufactured from the 60 GSM kraft paper roll. You can use the paper bag to pack samosas, groceries, etc. These kraft paper bags have better strength than the Butter paper pouches.

Food Packaging Bag: Food Grade

The Food packaging bags are mostly used to pack lighter and inexpensive food items which should be cheap too. Due to which the Food paper bags are lesser in GSM. These food paper bags should be used for lighter applications such as packing a burger/sandwich or packing fresh loaves of bread in the bakery.