Newspaper Bag

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Newspaper Bag

The newspaper is consumed by most of the household in India. Every other month these newspaper are collected by the scrap collectors and sold to recycling companies. In the recent years, NGO and many small-scale enterprises started collecting newspapers from the scrap collectors and started making bags out of it and started selling newspaper bags online

What do we offer?

We have provided these NGO's and small-scale enterprises the platform to sell their products easily. For regular size newspaper bags, we only maintain the inventory since it's the manual process and timely delivery is the issue. The newspaper bag prices are pretty less as compared to brown paper bags and have the same strength.

Are Newspaper Bags Food grade?

No, newspaper bags aren't food grade and food shouldn't be kept directly inside the newspaper bag. The newspaper bag is made from the newspaper which has ink in it and can be harmful if the food item placed directly in the bag. Food item should be wrapped in the butter paper and then kept in the bag.