Brown Paper Bag

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What is Brown Paper Bags?

The brown paper bags are generally manufactured from the food grade kraft paper bag or the recycled brown paper. The brown paper kraft pouch is everywhere from the groceries stores to the supermarket. Most of the paper bags are biodegradable and compostable. We supply wide range if the brown kraft paper bags in bulk across Delhi, Bengaluru, and Mumbai.

Are Brown Paper Bags Eco-friendly?

Though brown bags are made from paper which is biodegradable and compostable but as we all know the paper is manufactured by cutting trees. We can call paper bags environment-friendly but not eco-friendly. The biodegradable and compostable properties of the paper make them easier to dispose of as there are no significant environmental issues with the disposal of the paper bags.

Brown Paper Bags Vs Plastic Bags

The paper bags are biodegradable which makes them the better option as compared to the plastic bags since most of the plastic bags end up in the landfills or the oceans.
Plastic bags are very cheap as compared to the paper bags and can be reused too.
Plastic bags are getting banned across most of the major cities across India while the paper bags are accepted everywhere.

Brown Kraft Paper Bags for Restaurants & Hotels

Buy food delivery paper bags online from the direct manufacturer and wholesaler at the cheapest price. We are the manufacturer of all types of paper bags. We made a brown paper bag from extraordinary quality brown kraft paper. We offer a wide range of brown paper bags for hotels, restaurants, cafes, branded showrooms and more. We have many types of brown kraft paper bags for food packaging, grocery, apparel packaging, fruits & vegetables and more. As per our customer's requirements, we customise paper bags in different materials of paper, the thickness of paper and printing solutions.

Buy Grocery Bag online at the Lowest Price

Are you looking for a paper grocery bag for your supermarket or grocery store? Now you are in the right place to buy all types of bags at an affordable price. PIRSQ provides biodegradable and eco-friendly paper bags for your stores, supermarket and more. Our range of paper bags are not only convenient for groceries, but it's also highly demanded in food delivery, shopping and other industries. These bags are highly appreciated among clients for their excellent durability and lightweight.

Recommended Product: Aluminium Foil Containers

Pack food in aluminium foil containers, keep it into a brown kraft paper bag, and it's ready to ship for your customers. Brown paper bags and aluminium containers are made from premium quality material, so don't worry about leakage and breakage.