Paper Carry Bag With Handle

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Which type of bag do you supply, plastic or paper?

We mostly deal in the manufacturing of paper carry bags. We provide Kraft Paper bags with handle or without the handle, white bag, and the D-Cut carry Bags.

We customize the paper bag based on the customer requirement. Whether you want bigger or smaller size or you want the printed paper bag we can do it all. The minimum order quantity fo the paper bag customization starts from 3,000 pieces. If your required quantity is low then we have a wide range of standard paper bags online.

You can find a wide range of paper bags, gift bags from us and other paper bag manufacturers here.

Are paper shopping bags really better for the planet than plastic bags?

The paper shopping carry bags are made from the wood which comes from the trees. This means the paper bags cannot be considered as 100% eco-friendly but they can be recycled and are 100% compostable. This means paper bags can decompose by the bacterias which makes it a better alternative to the plastic bags.

In short, we can say that paper bags are biodegradable but are not fully environmentally friendly. We should use our natural resources and should try to recycle as much we can.

What are some suggestions for Eco-Friendly carry bags?

  • 1. Cotton Grocery Bag - The cotton bags are one of the best alternatives to the plastic bags as it's fully biodegradable and its manufacturing process doesn't harm nature.PLA Bags or 2. 2. Cornstarch Bags - The PLA Bag is a fairly new addition to our inventory. These bags are made from the corn and in most of the cases even dissolves in the water. The Corn-based bags are 100% Eco-Friendly

  • 3. Newspaper Bags - The newspaper bag is our initiative to provide earning to small scale businesses and NGO's as these bags are manually made by hand. The newspaper bags work well for shops and retailers but aren't food grade which food item shouldn't be directly kept inside these bags.